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Is There A Link Between Vitamin D And Depression?

Discover what emerging research tells us about the relationship between vitamin D and depression. Vitamin D has long been known …

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Traumatic Stress: How to Recognize It

Traumatic stress is something that can affect anyone. It can be the result of a single, catastrophic event or from …

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How To Talk About Children’s Mental Health And Manage It

Children’s mental health is something that mother-of-two, author and influencer, Cat Sims is passionate about. Here she talks modelling behaviors …

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Parenting a Child with Mental Health Issues: Finding Support

Mental health issues can be incredibly challenging for both children and parents. If your child is struggling with a mental …

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Anything About Intrusive Thoughts

Do you ever have those thoughts that pop into your head and make you feel really uncomfortable? Thoughts that make …

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5 Strategies To Help Your Child Manage Anxiety

In the first year of the pandemic, the “global prevalence of anxiety increased by a massive 25%,” according to the …

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Intrusive Thoughts: What They Are & How You Can Ignore Them

Intrusive thinking is can be defined as uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts that we feel unable to resist. This kind of thinking is often a …

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Pandemic Effects on Children’s Mental Health

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of children across the globe. According to a study …

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How Trauma Affects Child’s Mental Health

Trauma can have a devastating effect on a child’s mental health, causing a range of emotional and behavioral problems that …

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